Even in the best of times bills and debt can get away from us quicker than we intend. Facing a stack of growing debt can force a person to start thinking outside of the box and look toward different solutions. Making the decision to file bankruptcy can be a terrifying experience. Luckily a person doesn't have to travel the path unguided.  The Law Offices of Scott Corlew can help you make the best decisions for your financial situation. 


Though you can file bankruptcy on your own, working with an attorney has the know-how that can save you time and money. You may not realize it but there are several different ways you can file for bankruptcy. Each of these offers can give you a result that may or may not be beneficial for you. Knowing the different outcome of these filing procedures can help you make a decision that will get you back on track quicker.

When preparing to visit our office and start the filing procedure, remember to bring the following documents:

  • Any bank statements
  • List of budget or outgoing bills
  • Monthly bill information
  • Detailed list of current bills
  • List of different debts
  • List of when things were last paid

The more prepared you are for the initial consultation meeting, the better we can understand your situation and provide sound financial guidance.