Civil Litigation

Being named as a defendant in a civil litigation case can be overwhelming and confusing, which is why you need an experienced civil litigation defense attorney on your side. Scott Corlew’s extensive courtroom litigation experience will benefit you, regardless of the type of case. Corlew Law represents a wide range of civil litigation issues, including:

  • Business/Commercial Litigation: Commercial transactions, disclosures, contract disputes, and agreements
  • Estate and Trust: Administration, accounting, and fiduciary duty breach issues
  • Property Damage and Personal Injury: Damages, wrongful death and bodily injury incurred as a result of negligence on the part of another party
  • Premises Liability: Recreational injuries and slip and fall cases
  • Tort Liability: Cases involving strict liability, intentional torts and negligence
  • Land Use: Boundary and contract disputes, easements, trespass and adverse possession
  • Employment: Representing employers in all claims of civil litigation
  • Contract Disputes: Involving cases of breach in written and oral contracts

Hiring a civil litigation attorney goes beyond your court representation. From the outset, you’ll want to be familiar with your rights, your responsibilities and what to expect in the litigation process. At Corlew Law, we use our experience, background and resources to ensure that you are well prepared and well represented for your case. A case involving overlooked errors or an unprepared trial attorney could end up costing you in legal fees, time spent in the court system and aggravation. Don’t leave your case to chance. Choose to work with an experienced and dedicated civil litigation attorney.

Specific procedures and filing dates apply to the majority of cases under the civil litigation umbrella, and it is critical that all information and actions are compliant with state and federal codes. We aggressively advocate on your behalf, from the moment you set foot in our office. We begin with an extensive evaluation of your case, evidence collection and analysis, and case development and strategy.