Marriage doesn't always have a happy ending but with the right divorce attorney you can stand a better chance of landing on your feet and walking away with more than just your dignity. Quality representation can mean the difference between having a happy and financially stable life after divorce or a life that is full of regret and misery. 

While it's true you can go through the divorce process without representation, remember that a legal official oversees your divorce proceedings so it is critical to have a competent lawyer looking out for your good to help you sever the tie.  A good attorney that knows how to navigate the situation can ensure you don't have to lose everything just because your marriage has ended.

When you start the divorce proceedings some information will be asked for repeatedly so you'll want to have the following ready:

  • A detailed list of assets owned collectively and individually
  • Tax information such as returns for each spouse for as far back as you own
  • Detailed income information
  • Detailed list of properties owned by the two of you pre-marriage and beyond
  • Details about children if you have any including parentage as well as needs.