How to Find the Right MS Attorney for Your Personal Injury Case

Deciding to hire an attorney and finding the one that is right for your case are two very different things. You must find a Mississippi attorney that is right for your personal injury case. The process doesn’t need to be a stressful or intimidating. Here are some tips:

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Choose an Attorney with the Experience You Need

It is possible for a personal injury attorney to represent you if he or she has never dealt with your specific injury or circumstances before, but it puts you at a disadvantage. In most cases, working with an attorney familiar with your type of case is beneficial to the outcome. First, it takes less time for someone familiar with cases like yours to get caught up. He or she will already know the basics and will not need to do a lot of research.

Second, an attorney who has worked on your type of case already has a network of experts available in the field. This saves a great deal of time and money, and ensures you have access to the best witnesses available. Finally, an attorney who has dealt with your type of injury has confidence and will put you at ease. This might not seem important beforehand, but it means a great deal when you are dealing with doctors, insurance companies and your own recovery.

Choose an Attorney Willing to Communicate with You about the Process


Remember to ask the attorneys you consider how and with what frequency they communicate with clients, as well as how many clients they work with at a given time. You want to be sure you are kept in the loop concerning your case and that the attorney has not taken on too many clients at once.

It is also important to create an arrangement in advance for communication. If you prefer to telephone communication over email or vice versa, your attorney should be willing to adapt. The right attorney for you will put you at ease and ensure you understand what is happening throughout your case.


Choose an Attorney that Charges a Reasonable Fee

This is less about the specifics of what you pay and more about how the payment is arranged. Most personal injury attorneys are paid only if the case is won and they take their earnings from the award. Usually, payment is a percentage of the award. Be wary of attorneys requesting payment or a contingency or retainer fee before your case is won.

Hiring the right Mississippi personal injury attorney helps you build a strong case and keeps your stress levels low.